Australian Home Loans

Australian Property Home Loans

APFB Consulting helps clients organise their overseas property finance when buying Australian property. We are a licensed Australian mortgage broker based in Singapore with direct access to Australian bank home loans.

Using an Australian accredited mortgage broker based in Singapore can help you save time and effort when organising your Australian home loan finance and ensure you get the best possible loan for your Australian property purchase. With direct access to Australian bank home loans in Singapore and online loan applications we help you from application to approval, account opening and settlement.

Australian Home Loans

Australian bank home loans with the following benefits

  • Loans for Australian expats and permanent residents
  • Borrow up to 80% of purchase price to maximize your borrowing power
  • Fixed and variable interest rate loan options to help manage your repayments
  • Interest only and principal and interest loans structures
  • Loan term up to 30 years to spread your repayments
  • 100% Mortgage Offset Accounts to help reduce your interest cost
  • Zero application or valuation fees available

Home loan finance is also available from Singapore banks for

  • Singapore residents who are foreign buyers of Australian property
  • Loans in either Singapore or Australian Dollars to help manage currency risk
  • Competitive local interest rates

Commercial Finance

  • Access to commercial finance if you are looking to purchase non-residential property

We offer clients:

  • Australian Home Loan mortgage finance
  • Provide an online quote and free comparison of bank interest rates
  • Access to bank credit lending models to know how much you can borrow
  • Prepare home loan submissions and liaise directly with the banks to arrange your finance
  • Organize mortgage documentation and account opening
  • Loans for Australian Expats and foreign property buyers